2022 Colorado Primary




Candidate Information

Campaign Website URL:      www.DennisHisey.com

Email Address:       DennisHisey2@gmail.com

Occupation/Vocation:      Legislator

Resident of El Paso County:       39 years


What experience (personal, professional, other) would you bring to your role as Senator that will benefit our state?

Growing up on a farm and being self-employed taught me the value and rewards of putting in a good day’s work to take care of your family. As a County Commissioner I learned how to manage large budgets and provide essential government services. Serving as a Senator for these past four sessions has solidified my belief that the best thing government can do for its citizens is focus on core government functions. Government needs to get out of the way of workers trying to live the American Dream and parents instilling their values in their children.



What is your vision for being a Colorado State Senator?

My vision for the next 4 years is to have Colorado return to COMMON SENSE LEADERSHIP. To take politics out of the classroom, to stop passing policies that cost the people of Colorado more at the gas pump, the grocery store and their utility bills and to make our communities safe for our children to live, play and grow up in.

Election Reform

Do you believe that elections in Colorado should be conducted differently? Should voters in Colorado be required to verify their identity and residential status in the respective counties in which they vote? Are you in favor of a single-day, in-person voting system consisting of all-paper ballots? Why or why not?

County Clerks should be responsible for conducting the elections and should serve as a check and balance to the Secretary of State. Single day polling place elections with valid government issued photo ID is the most secure way to ensure only eligible voters cast ballots and every eligible voter should have the opportunity to cast their ballot. Secure counting machines with no possibility of internet connection and robust random independent audits matched against the paper ballots will provide trustworthy election results.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

As a Senator, how would you seek to protect the most vulnerable in our state, including the lives of the unborn, the trafficked, and the elderly?

As a Senator I have always cast my vote and fought to save the unborn. Including this past year when the terrible abortion rights bill passed. We also had an innocuous sounding bill offering prenatal health care that upon close inspection would have opened the door to testing of the fetus for conditions that have no treatment leading to the conclusion the only reason for the test would be to abort the baby.

I have been and will continue to be a staunch advocate for and show grace and mercy to the trafficked just as I will for the elderly and developmentally disabled.

1st Amendment

What will you do as Colorado State Senator to protect our 1st Amendment rights to: the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, peaceably assembly, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, all of which are becoming more difficult to exercise in America (and around the world)?

As a sitting state senator, I have fought and voted against many bills that have abridged our 1st Amendment rights. I have spoken out against executive orders, where I have no vote, but where the power of one man has deliberately and knowingly ignored the rights guaranteed in the 1st Amendment. I have signed onto bills that would limit the ability of any one person to wield that kind of power in the future. A state senator’s authority stops at the state line, we have very little influence in a global sense.

2nd Amendment

Do you believe that gun ownership is a civil right, and what are your positions in regards to red flag laws, magazine capacity bans, legislation that regulates gun storage, and permitless “Constitutional carry”?

I have voted against every attempt to curtail our constitutional right to keep and bear arms that has come in front of the senate during my service, including the red flag law and storage bills that intrude inside your home. I would welcome the opportunity to implement Constitutional Carry in Colorado.

Government Authority

Do you believe that the government has the legal power and authority to dictate what a person does with his or her body? If so, how?

I do not believe the government has the legal power or authority to control what a person does with their own body. However, when what a person does with or to their own body threatens the life and wellbeing of another person, of any age, that is when the authority of the government is required to step in to provide protection to the innocent or the threatened.


As a State Senator, what will you do to improve the education of our K – 12 students? What is your position on parental authority in education, including school choice?

I sponsored HB22-1236 THE PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS. This bill clearly states the parent is responsible for medical decisions of their child and the school cannot perform them without parental consent. Also, the parent has the right to direct the education of their child with the same moral values that are taught at home. I care passionately about parents having choices in their children’s education and exercised them with my own children. I will continue to support bills that put students first.

School District Taxes

Do you believe that the Colorado legislature should make any adjustment to the level of taxes paid by residents in order to fund school district budgets? If so, how?

Colorado is very much a local control state, and every local school district has a board that, through the ballot box – for at least the last 30 years – set the rate homeowners pay. Those school boards answer to the voters. So, the legislature has no authority in those matters. However, I do believe the legislature has a role in ensuring the taxes parents pay go to the school their child is attending.

National Popular Vote

What is your position on Colorado joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would effectively eliminate the electoral college’s role in presidential elections in favor of a national popular vote?

I voted against joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and spoke against it on the floor. The National Popular Vote disenfranchises the voters of rural states. Something the founding fathers recognized would be the case when they adopted the Electoral College.


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Christian voting

Voting is a simple, yet significant way to do something about public policy in our country. As people of faith, we will be held accountable for our actions, as well as our lack of action. (Luke 12:48)

Biblical worldview

By diligently learning, applying, and trusting God’s truths in every area of our lives, we can begin to develop a deep comprehensive faith that will stand against the unrelenting tide of our culture’s non-biblical ideas.

Vote your values

The issues of the day change. Political parties and platforms change. God’s Word never changes. The vote of every Christian should be based on the principles of Scripture and not persuasive personalities.

Electing righteous leaders

Bad governance and our loss of freedom is the direct result of the church’s failure to disciple. When the citizenry do not seek to be obedient to God’s Law, they vote in wicked and corrupt candidates, who then trample underfoot the God-given liberties of the people.