Colorado Springs

2021 School Board Elections

November 2, 2021

Informing Christian voters through nonpartisan,
501c3-compliant election guides

Introduction to the Voter Guide

Church Voter Guides is an independent 508c1a faith-based nonprofit organization. We serve the public by providing objective research and education on matters specifically of interest to Christians, primarily through the production and distribution of 501c3-compliant, nonpartisan voter guides.

Church Voter Guides does not endorse or oppose any candidates for public office or any political party.

We are based in Colorado Springs, and the April 2021 City Council election in our hometown was our inaugural project. This new voter guide for the 2021 Pikes Peak Region School Board Elections is being distributed electronically only, both through our interactive website and by downloadable and printable PDF files. We have produced one voter guide for each school district that is: (1) conducting an election this year, and (2) for which at least one candidate in that election answered our questionnaire. Our voter guides are being promoted through a wide-ranging network of area churches, faith-based non-profit organizations, mainstream and social media, and other means.

The purpose of our voter guides is to educate and inform voters of each candidate’s positions on a variety of policy issues that they are likely to address if elected. As a voter guide designed to be distributed through churches, we ask the candidates questions on topics that are of utmost interest to the Christian voter.

How to get the most benefit from this voter guide

The core information in this voter guide comes directly from the school board candidates themselves. We asked them questions, they answered (with a 120 word limit), and we have published their responses here. In order to understand and utilize this information to the fullest, so that you may vote in the most informed way, we suggest the following:

  1. Ask yourself, “Did the candidate actually answer the question, or rather side-step it, or give a fluff, wishy-washy, and/or ‘political’ type answer that leaves you not really knowing where he/she truly stands on the issue?”
  2. Learn more about the candidates in your school district, including their positions on issues we did not cover in our questionnaire, by visiting their official campaign websites (if they have one.) The website URL for each candidate is listed in the voter guide.
  3. Educate yourself more about the Christian/Biblical perspective regarding many of the subjects covered in our voter guide by reading topical articles on our website:
  4. Use search engines to find additional information about each candidate, including written articles and videos, other voter guides, and even voting records for those who have served in public office before. You may even want to watch online recordings of your local school board meetings to see how incumbents conduct themselves and vote.
  5. Reach out to the candidates themselves through the provided email addresses and other means, in order to ask them questions of personal importance to you. Please make sure to show great respect toward each candidate and his/her time, especially to those with whom you disagree. Running for office is hard, stressful, time-consuming work, and these are your fellow citizens who have lives, families, jobs…and feelings (just like you!)

What makes a voter guide 501c3-compliant and nonpartisan?

Federal tax law permits nonprofit 501c3 organizations to develop and distribute materials about political candidates’ positions on issues, in order to educate voters impartially and on a nonpartisan basis; meaning that it is free from party affiliation, bias, or designation. The IRS states that 501c3 organizations may conduct any range of activities to promote voter participation and educate voters so long as it is nonpartisan. But, 501c3 organizations are explicitly prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates for public office.

Some of the activities 501c3 nonprofits MAY perform: Conduct or promote voter registration; educate voters on the voting process; distribute nonpartisan sample ballots, candidate questionnaires, and voter guides; organize get-out-the-vote activities; encourage and help people to vote; educate the candidates on issues important to their organization; and continue to do issue advocacy during an election.

So, first and foremost: Church Voter Guides does NOT endorse or oppose any candidates for public office or any political party.

Second, all of our staff and volunteers are required to act in a nonpartisan manner when working for or representing the organization and the creation of the voter guide.

Third, we do not edit, revise, or editorialize candidate responses to our questionnaire. We do not even correct typos. Candidate answers are published verbatim, ensuring that their responses accurately represent their positions and perspectives on these issues. We then simply share this information through the voter guide, and you decide whom you believe to be the best candidate.

To be fair and impartial, we reached out by email, text, and phone when determined necessary, to all registered candidates running for school board throughout El Paso County and Woodland Park for their 2021 District Elections, inviting them to answer our questionnaire. Candidate information is presented in alphabetical order by last name. If a candidate did not respond at all, or did not choose to participate, or did not choose to respond to certain answers in the questionnaire, then that is noted where applicable. If there were not enough candidates running for a specific school district for that district to conduct an election, then we did not produce a voter guide for that district. If in a specific school district none of the candidates running for election answered our questionnaire, then we did not produce a voter guide for that district.


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Christian voting

Voting is a simple, yet significant way to do something about public policy in our country. As people of faith, we will be held accountable for our actions, as well as our lack of action. (Luke 12:48)

Biblical worldview

By diligently learning, applying, and trusting God’s truths in every area of our lives, we can begin to develop a deep comprehensive faith that will stand against the unrelenting tide of our culture’s non-biblical ideas.

Vote your values

The issues of the day change. Political parties and platforms change. God’s Word never changes. The vote of every Christian should be based on the principles of Scripture and not persuasive personalities.

Electing righteous leaders

Bad governance and our loss of freedom is the direct result of the church’s failure to disciple. When the citizenry do not seek to be obedient to God’s Law, they vote in wicked and corrupt candidates, who then trample underfoot the God-given liberties of the people.

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