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Colorado Springs 2021 City Council


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  What Goes Into Creating a 501c3-Compliant Nonpartisan Voter Guide?

First and foremost:  Church Voter Guides does NOT endorse or oppose any candidates for public office or any political party.

The purpose of the Voter Guide is to educate and inform voters of each candidate’s positions on a variety of policy issues that they are likely to address if elected.  We asking the candidates questions on topics that are of utmost interest to the Christian voter.

To be fair and impartial, we are surveying ALL candidates running for City Council in the 2021 Colorado Springs Municipal Election to be held on April 6th.

In order to produce a nonpartisan guide that can be distributed through 501c3 organizations, we cannot edit, revise, or editorialize candidate responses to our Questionnaire.  We’re not even allowed to correct typos. Candidate answers are published verbatim, ensuring that their responses accurately represent their positions and perspectives on these issues.

We then simply share this information through the Voter Guide, and you decide who you believe to be the best candidate.  (It’s like we thought of everything!  🙂  )

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