2022 Colorado Primary





Candidate Information

Campaign Website URL:   www.Facebook.com/reneelreif4EPCCassessor

Email Address:  ReneelReif4Assessor@gmail.com

Occupation/Vocation:   Caregiver, Activist, Officiant

Military Background:  Retired Veteran, Former Army Wife

Resident of El Paso County:   20 years


What experience (personal, professional, other) would you bring to your role as Assessor that will benefit our county?

A retired veteran and former active-duty Army wife, I have a Masters in Public Administration and bachelor in sociology. My background includes military and civilian sector experience, past volunteer experience includes the El Paso County Placement Alternative Commission, the Fountain Planning Commission, and the Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Coalition Unity Build Committee. Past work experience includes elementary school secretary, temporary positions in human resources at the sheriff’s office and Matrix Design Group. I understand the importance of forging local dialogue, and the veteran in me has the energy and life purpose to serve our community.



What is your vision for being our county’s Assessor?

My vision is to ensure the smooth continuation of this professional office for internal and external customers, staff and the public alike, and to continue the important efforts of our current county assessor.


Assessor's Role

What are the roles, rights, and duties of the El Paso County Assessor?

The assessor’s office studies the market and collects information about properties to estimate their value, and makes assessments of all properties within the county for taxation. Taxes are then distributed in accordance with the value of each taxpayer’s property (business and residential).

*NOTE: The Assessor’s Office Does Not Set Tax Levies or Establish Mill Rates.


Senior Property Tax Exemption

To what extent (if any) do you support the senior property tax exemption, and if so, how would you amend it?

I will work to ensure that the Senior Homestead Property Tax Exemption and Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption programs are funded annually, and that they are improved to allow seniors to use this exemption more than once (if they want to downsize into a smaller home, their exemption eligibility continues in the next primary residence). In addition, the taxable amount of their homes should be reevaluated. I will collaborate to overturn tax plans that benefit only the wealthy, to implement progressive estate taxes on the wealthiest residents, who must pay their fair share to support the society that they live in.


Property Reappraisal

What is your position on the current method for reappraisal of property in El Paso County, and would you like to see any changes?

Colorado Statute 39-1-104(12) Dictates the data-gathering period used to estimate the value of properties. Since the assessor’s office is statute-driven, I expect that all processes, including reappraisal, are evaluated ongoing.


Mill Levy

While the Assessor’s Office does not establish the mill levy, can you explain how the mill levy is established?

  • School property tax is established and levied by the District School Boards.

  • County property tax is established and levied by the County Commissioners.

  • City and Town property tax is established and levied by City and Town Councils.

  • Water, Sanitation, Fire Protection, Special Improvement, Metropolitan and Miscellaneous

  • District property taxes are established and levied by their respective boards.



What is your position on The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR)?

Like any other legislation, we often see that the results in practice may be different than intended, or there may be other unintended consequences. That doesn’t make the legislation necessarily good or bad. Life is fluid, and so we should be re-evaluating outcomes regularly and modifying the legislation as needed. In the Army we conducted AARs, or After-Action Reports to determine what went well, what went wrong and what we need to change to improve an outcome. We don’t necessarily eliminate entirely if there are problems; we evaluate to see what can be modified or improved.



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