Want a Voter Guide for Your County?

Here’s How You Can Have a Voter Guide for Your City/County…

We get asked all the time, “When is Church Voter Guides going to make a voter Guide for MY county?”  Simple answer:  “We’re not!”  (Well, unless you live in our home town of El Paso County, Colorado.)

There are many reasons for this, including the sizable resources it would take to do it for “everyone”.  But the most important reason is that “local voter guides NEED to be produced locally.”  When national organizations try to produce local guides, it hasn’t proven very successful.


BUT, here’s the great news:  We’ll show YOU how to produce and promote a voter guide for your city/county/region, and even your state for statewide candidates, and it’s much easier than you probably think…

Now, we’re not saying that it doesn’t take a bunch of work.  It does.  But if you follow our plan that we’ve been figuring out and refining for the past two years, it can be done with a handful of volunteers and a shoestring budget.  Yes, literally “a few people” can actually educate the electorate and impact the elections across your region.  (It’s very very cool!)

In fact, once we determined how to do it ourselves, the model for our organization transitioned into TRAINING and SUPPORTING small groups of patriots around the U.S., with the goal to be working with teams in all of Colorado’s 64 counties and across America’s 3100+ counties for the 2023 and 2024 elections.   We’re psyched that there’s even a group right now in Chattanooga/Hamilton County, Tennessee that we’ve helped with producing a voter guide for their 2022 county-wide primaries with great success!


Want more info about how we can help YOU produce a voter guide for the elections in your city/county?  Then fill out the contact form below and we will contact you ASAP.

Together, we win!

For such a time as this,


Chaim Goldman, Director of Church Voter Guides


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Christian voting

Voting is a simple, yet significant way to do something about public policy in our country. As people of faith, we will be held accountable for our actions, as well as our lack of action. (Luke 12:48)

Biblical worldview

By diligently learning, applying, and trusting God’s truths in every area of our lives, we can begin to develop a deep comprehensive faith that will stand against the unrelenting tide of our culture’s non-biblical ideas.

Vote your values

The issues of the day change. Political parties and platforms change. God’s Word never changes. The vote of every Christian should be based on the principles of Scripture and not persuasive personalities.

Electing righteous leaders

Bad governance and our loss of freedom is the direct result of the church’s failure to disciple. When the citizenry do not seek to be obedient to God’s Law, they vote in wicked and corrupt candidates, who then trample underfoot the God-given liberties of the people.

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