2022 Colorado Primary




Candidate Information

Campaign Website URL:      www.Bockenfeld.com

Email Address:      Rod@Bockenfeld.com

Occupation/Vocation:     State Legislator

Resident of El Paso County:       (lives outside El Paso County, as HD56 extends across other counties)


What experience (personal, professional, other) would you bring to your role as Representative that will benefit our state?

Finance, Banking, Criminal Justice and Small Business.


What is your vision for being a Colorado State Representative?

Limited government, protect the rights of the individual, protect the free enterprise system and practice fiscal responsibility.

Election Reform

Do you believe that elections in Colorado should be conducted differently? Should voters in Colorado be required to verify their identity and residential status in the respective counties in which they vote? Are you in favor of a single-day, in-person voting system consisting of all-paper ballots? Why or why not?

Get rid of ballot havesting.  Yes on voter I.D. No on single day, in-person and all paper ballots. It is too inefficient, and there are better ways to establish voter integrity.


What is your position on the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR)?

I will fight to protect.


As a State Representative, what will you do to improve the education of our K – 12 students? What is your position on parental authority in education, including school choice?

Fight teacher unions who place teachers ahead of our children’s education. Enhance parental control over schools, and support school choice.

Government Authority

Do you believe that the government has the legal power and authority to dictate what a person does with his or her body? If so, how?

Generally, no. If this is an abortion question, I am pro-life. Abortion is someone elses body.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

As a Representative, how would you seek to protect the most vulnerable in our state, including the lives of the unborn, the trafficked, and the elderly?

Candidate Did Not Respond

(When we originally surveyed State Representative candidates for the Assembly, this question was inadvertently omitted. We resubmitted our questionnaire to candidates for the Primary Elections with this question included, giving them a chance to both revise their previous answers and to respond to this new question. This candidate confirmed receipt of the new questionnaire, but never responded with any revisions, nor did he submit an answer to this question.)

1st Amendment

What will you do as Colorado State Representative to protect our 1st Amendment rights to: the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, peaceably assembly, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, all of which are becoming more difficult to exercise in America (and around the world)?

I will fight for all constitutional rights.

2nd Amendment

Do you believe that gun ownership is a civil right, and what are your positions in regards to red flag laws, magazine capacity bans, legislation that regulates gun storage, and permitless “Constitutional carry”?

Support the 2nd amendment and constitutional carry. Oppose red flag, magazine capacity bans,and gun storage regulations.

Infrastructure Spending

How do you believe that tax revenue in Colorado should be best utilized to improve our infrastructure?

Prioritise current spending and invest in infrastructure.


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Christian voting

Voting is a simple, yet significant way to do something about public policy in our country. As people of faith, we will be held accountable for our actions, as well as our lack of action. (Luke 12:48)

Biblical worldview

By diligently learning, applying, and trusting God’s truths in every area of our lives, we can begin to develop a deep comprehensive faith that will stand against the unrelenting tide of our culture’s non-biblical ideas.

Vote your values

The issues of the day change. Political parties and platforms change. God’s Word never changes. The vote of every Christian should be based on the principles of Scripture and not persuasive personalities.

Electing righteous leaders

Bad governance and our loss of freedom is the direct result of the church’s failure to disciple. When the citizenry do not seek to be obedient to God’s Law, they vote in wicked and corrupt candidates, who then trample underfoot the God-given liberties of the people.