Democratic:  El Paso County, CO



Candidate Information

House District:       21

Campaign Website URL:

Email Address:

Occupation/Vocation:       Asset Protection

Resident of the El Paso County:       I’ve lived in El Paso County since the 3rd grade


What experience (personal, professional, other) would you bring to your role as Representative that will benefit our state?

I am a former small business owner and was also a Detention Deputy Sheriff with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office. I currently work in Asset Protection where I specialize in limiting and preventing theft from retail companies within the state of Colorado. I am an avid political activist, writer and young member of the LGBTQ community.



What is your vision for being a Colorado State Representative?

I firmly believe in a philosophy of “People before Politics” – The duties of a state representative are not just to represent their party and personal political ideologies, but to act as a representative for all constituents within their district. I plan to consistently work with community members to make our state and community stronger. I do not believe in absolutist partisanship where the will of the political party and of political ideology are made to outweigh the interests and concerns of the people – If elected, I will work diligently to ensure that all members of my community are heard and their interests represented and voiced.

Election Reform

Do you believe that elections in Colorado should be conducted differently? Should voters in Colorado be required to verify their identity and residential status in the respective counties in which they vote? Are you in favor of a single-day, in-person voting system consisting of all-paper ballots? Why or why not?

I believe that elections within the State of Colorado are already conducted safely, securely and efficiently. I do not believe that further election reforms are needed and I believe that the consistent fear mongering of “voter fraud” is only a political ploy aimed towards attacking the very foundations of our Democratic institutions. We should constantly be striving to make elections more convenient and accessible to all. I trust our election officials across the state who have continued to ensure that our elections are fair and secure.


What is your position on the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR)?

In principle, I believe that the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) is ideologically sound; however, I also believe that in reality TABOR has placed a consistent chokehold on the ability of our State to act on behalf of the interests of all Coloradans. This legislation makes it nearly impossible for our elected officials to carry out their duties effectively on behalf of the people. Taxes are not inherently evil nor are they unconstitutional, and our elected officials should have the ability to levy them when necessary to ensure that our state infrastructure and resources continue to scale with the massive population growth we’ve seen over the past few years.


As a State Representative, what will you do to improve the education of our K – 12 students? What is your position on parental authority in education, including school choice?

I am a firm believer in the power of our public education system to provide our children with the education that they deserve as well as the resources they need to be successful. I believe that we should focus on improving our school infrastructure as well as the resources available to students across the state of Colorado (For example: ALL STUDENTS should have access to FREE mental health and professional counseling programs). We should also focus on better funding our teachers and their classrooms as well as providing enhanced funding for technological innovation in our educational system.

In terms of parental rights, I believe that all parents have an inherent right to school choice.

Government Authority

Do you believe that the government has the legal power and authority to dictate what a person does with his or her body? If so, how?

The government does not; in any way whatsoever, have the power to legislate what an individual does to his/her body UNLESS an individual’s action can be reasonably articulated to constitute an immediate threat of harm to themselves or others. Government simply cannot infringe upon the civil rights of individuals unless that individual’s actions represent a clear and present danger to themselves, to others, or to public order.

1st Amendment

What will you do as Colorado State Representative to protect our 1st Amendment rights to: the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, peaceably assembly, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, all of which are becoming more difficult to exercise in America (and around the world)?

The first amendment is imperative to our society – As a constitutional republic, the rights of individuals MUST be protected by the government (This is why government exists in the first place as dictated by our founding documents). If elected as a Colorado State representative, I will work diligently to ensure that the separation of church and state is established and enforced throughout all systems of state government, that freedom of speech is respected and protected (as it currently is) under Colorado Constitutional law and legislation, that the right to peaceably assemble is protected and free from government infringement, and that the right to petition the government is protected through our ability to recall public and elected officials.

2nd Amendment

Do you believe that gun ownership is a civil right, and what are your positions in regards to red flag laws, magazine capacity bans, legislation that regulates gun storage, and permitless “Constitutional carry”?

I am an avid supporter of the second amendment and believe that all Americans have an inherent right to protect themselves and others through the possession and (in some cases) use of a firearm. With this being said; however, I DO NOT believe that this right extends to the irresponsible and reckless use or storage of a firearm. All individuals wishing to carry a firearm SHOULD be required to pass a background check including an analysis of any severe mental health ailments or criminal charges that would prevent them from reasonably and responsibly carrying a lethal weapon. I do not believe in Constitutional carry either, and am a firm believer in Colorado’s current concealed carry legislation.

Infrastructure Spending

How do you believe that tax revenue in Colorado should be best utilized to improve our infrastructure?

Tax revenue in Colorado SHOULD NOT be used to support toll roads or other privatized/semi-privatized forms of infrastructure within our state – Our tax revenue should be used to repair, rebuild and expand our current roads and infrastructure. Coloradans should not have to pay to travel and we should work towards continually enhancing our transportation infrastructure throughout the state.


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Christian voting

Voting is a simple, yet significant way to do something about public policy in our country. As people of faith, we will be held accountable for our actions, as well as our lack of action. (Luke 12:48)

Biblical worldview

By diligently learning, applying, and trusting God’s truths in every area of our lives, we can begin to develop a deep comprehensive faith that will stand against the unrelenting tide of our culture’s non-biblical ideas.

Vote your values

The issues of the day change. Political parties and platforms change. God’s Word never changes. The vote of every Christian should be based on the principles of Scripture and not persuasive personalities.

Electing righteous leaders

Bad governance and our loss of freedom is the direct result of the church’s failure to disciple. When the citizenry do not seek to be obedient to God’s Law, they vote in wicked and corrupt candidates, who then trample underfoot the God-given liberties of the people.