Colorado Election Timeline

These are the dates you need to know to get fully activated into your county and statewide elections.  From Caucus, to County and State Assemblies, to the Primary Election, and finally to the General…the Christians must know what’s going on and when to show up on time!  Together, we win!

Colorado 2022 Election Timeline

Note these important dates as we head into the 2022 midterm elections.

January 18 – March 15

Open period for candidates to get on primary ballot via Assembly or petition signatures.

February 7

Deadline for citizens to be registered as Republican or Democrat in order to vote in caucus and be a delegate.

Caucuses meet for each precinct statewide:  Republican party / Democratic party

March 1 / March 1 – 5

March 1 – April 16

Individuals can register to be an Election Judge (paid position) or Poll Watcher.

GOP County Assemblies: Delegates determine all candidates to appear on county-level primary ballots.

March 19

April 8/9

GOP Congressional and State Assembly: Delegates determine all candidates to appear on federal- and state-level primary ballots.

Primary ballots drop to eligible voters.

June 6

June 28

Primary Election Day

General Election ballots drop to eligible voters.

October 17

November 8

General Election Day