Get Involved with Your Local Caucus… and Beyond!

At the Precinct Caucus, average citizens are elect their neighbors as delegates, who then attend assemblies to determine which candidates make it on the primary election ballot for each political party.  Please participate in Caucus and help godly men and women get elected! Get the information, training, and resources you need to effectively participate in your caucus right here.

Caucus / Delegate Training

Learn how to participate in your local caucus to get the best candidates on the ballot.

What is a Colorado Precinct Caucus      and Why Should You Attend?

Prepare for Caucus

from El Paso County GOP

How to Run a Caucus in El Paso County

from El Paso County GOP

(video of PowerPoint slide presentation, no audio)

Caucus Training Documents (PDF) from Colorado Democratic Party:  CLICK HERE to download

Thank you to those who prepared these Caucus Training materials.  Please note that it is being made available to for your personal information only, and we do not represent or guarantee the accuracy of what is presented.  We also do not endorse any political party or candidate, we are just thankful to provide their materials to you.   We are happy to post other Caucus training from other credible sources, so if you know of other videos we can use, please email us at:  Thank you!

Finding In-Person Caucus Training

Different Caucus training is available around the state, and we are not recommending or endorsing any specific one.  Probably whichever you do to will be helpful enough to make you feel equipped and confident to attend and participate in Caucus, and most will also include training about being a delegate at the Assemblies.

Caucus training is conducted by both the Republican and Democratic parties, possibly other parties, nonprofit organizations, and even concerned citizens.   We suggest contacting your local county Republican or Democratic party, and/or doing a search engine search for “caucus training [your county] colorado”.  (See below for info about Caucus training in El Paso County.

Get your Caucus questions answered (including Caucus locations) in our Caucus FAQ sectionCLICK HERE

Watch our inspiring and informative video presentation about Caucus: